Chinese people celebrate the "Mid-Autumn Festival"

Moon Festival has been around since the time of Zhou Dynasty, 1046 BC - 256 AD

Mid-Autumn Festival, Hong Kong - Image Credit Hanna Yohana

Mid Autumn Festival celebration has become a tradition for thousands of years, leaving a trail of a very long history, and for Chinese from all over the world, the tradition is regarded as the second most important celebration for them after the Chinese New Year or Sinchia.

You will easily see how they participate with enthusiasm to celebrate, a lot of the way it looks when celebrating especially in recent weeks.

In fact there is one characteristic that makes you smile, that the presence of a specific cake, called a mooncake, and believe me this cake makes anyone who comes will feel happy. The round shape is a symbol of togetherness.

A tradition when the celebrations were taking place every the 15th day and the 8th month of Chinese calendar, I'm looking for information on a sites Kompas Travel who wrote it, Chinese people worship the moon that appears in the middle of autumn. They prayed for the harvest runs smoothly and abundant crops, thank for the life and good fortune.

And, in line with the times, the tradition turned into an event to socialize among family members, friends and others extends to its business partners. You will see how they underlie the celebration with tales of legends.

Mooncake traditional shape - Image Credit Junelee via wikipedia

Legends that give spice to the celebrations, the legends associated with the moon in the fall, such as on the Goddess Chang who flew to the moon.

An other articles on the sites Discover China, Tuesday, September 20, 2016, gives a more complete picture that Chinese families from around the world are celebrate with their family while eating a variety of dishes, such as sweet rice round shaped, and the presence of a cake that is not inevitable, that is the mooncake.

Many events associated with traditional ceremonies, as written on the site, they were dressed in traditional ceremonies to worship the moon, a lotus-shaped candle lit, then let it flow to the river.

Tradition is able to amaze the world and attached to the culture of the Chinese people.

(Source S Anindiati Nursastri – Kompas Travel, Discover China /Images Hanna Yohana, Junelee)


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