Room Service Food Is More Expensive

Is it true that more expensive when we ordered food to the hotel room?

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One of the hotel facility is "room service" when we stay at a hotel. It turned out that in fact there's something you might not expect, the hotel will raise the price than if you eat directly in the hotel restaurant.

Certainly there is a reason behind it, because of the many hotels did they generally admit service between the food to the rooms are considered distinct.

Indeed, there is a recognition on the part of the hotel, as I quote from a travel site, that room service was not the same with the food that is ordered directly at the restaurant. Many stages of the preparation process to be escorted to the hotel guest rooms.

As stated by the manager of the restaurant of a hotel in Nusa Dua, Bali in an interview with KompasTravel, Wednesday, September 28, 2016, that the stage was like a time period to cook until the time of delivering the food, all have been taken into account carefully, including its quality.

"Room service was in need of special treatment."

He added that deliver cooked food from the kitchen into the hotel room had a fairly high risk. For example there are hotel guest who ordered ice cream may be just melt quickly, before arriving in the guest room. Then for foods such as steak, we know there is an order of steak dishes with medium well could be at risk will be change to well done.

There are many other examples of other foods that are at risk when it will be delivered to the rooms to order, fried rice becomes dry, as well as the type of noodles that can swell, because setting the cooking time, organize, and deliver food that does not match the order.

Indeed, this is understandable for the resort-type hotel area, the distance between the different rooms, utility buildings vary, so it is sometimes difficult for hotel staff to achieve a room quickly.

As an illustration, the hotel management take into account the time, and extra services to deliver food to the room, room service food prices generally 10-15 percent more expensive than eating in the hotel restaurant directly.

At the end of travelers who were guests can take their order with satisfaction. Hotel service put it all in the most important place.

(Source S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Hotel Mercure Bali Nusa Dua /Image M Paath Djojonegoro)


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