Central Perk café opened in Singapore

Fans of the television series "Friends" can enjoy starting on November 24

Central Perk, Singapore

Television comedy series "Friends" seem to have a lot of fans from around the world, the story of six friends, Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe are able to represent the feelings of young people age.

The appeal on a television series becoming one of adder passion, imagine the stories as if present in everyday life, becoming part of the figures or characters.

So that the behavior of the characters becomes a sort of guide every day, or at least would talk about when you're hanging out with office friends or other friends on campus.

Once upon a time a café present in Manhattan, New York, citing a lifestyle site that writes about it, and to be special when setting the room made with big brown sofa in a cafe set in the 90s, it was very pleasant.

It became curious for the fans, because the pop-up café "Central Perk" is opened for one month only, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the television series.

Well, do not be sad! The idea did not just stop, Lim Jit Min, a Singapore-based “Friends” fan, raise capital with some other friends to open the Central Perk, the coffee shop with a set just like in the movie television.

Creativity continues with the addition of a new area, Monica apartment-style dining room, alfresco dining area and also the room selling souvenirs in line with the theme of "Friends". Cool!

Lim Jit Min, as the quote from a travel site Lonely Planet, said, "This is my dream of opening a café Friends. I invite my friends, sign up this business, and opened this cafe."

Wait for that day comes for you, you'll love the atmosphere of the show, dreams can indeed come true. Why not, right?

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet, YouTube /Image Central Perk Pages)


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