Overcoming Traveling Cost in Japan

Cost of Living Survey by Mercer investment consultants, Japan ranks third in Asia in 2016


High travel costs sometimes make you postpone a trip to a region or country a tourist destination. Say you wanted to go to Japan and after knowing the costs there, you change your mind and change the direction of travel to sites in other countries.

Japan has become one of the favorite tourist destination for many tourists from all over the world, but you need to make a strategy to overcome it.

Now you need to be aware that there are always solutions, citing the site Kompas Travel in an interview with the Assistant Manager of the Japan National Tourism Organization, N Auliatun Niss in Jakarta, late last month, August 29, 2016, there are many ways to reduce the cost of travel in Japan.

1. Transportation. One of the concerns for backpackers is the case, especially beginners. Suppose a trip from Tokyo to Osaka by train will be affected by cost around 29,000 yen.

Do anticipate browsing airfares, choose a budget airline, the recommended airline is Peach, Vanilla, and Jetstar. You'd be surprised, costs were reduced by over a third only for the same route about 7,700 yen.

2. Accommodation. You must adjust quickly, because the lodging rates are calculated per head and not per room. You're lucky enough to find a cheap lodging, but the room is very small, with relatively low tariffs, about 2,400 yen per night. If you just want to sleep and rest, the place is quite adequate.

Not wrong if you try to access the site Airbnb, the price will be different from the rate at the hotel. However, such facilities are not yet a legal in Japan, so you need to carefully look at the environment around you. If you are unsure, you should look for another place with security considerations or have a recommendation from a friend.

Sashimi and sushi resto

3. Food and drinks. In addition to reducing costs by way of the first and second above, consumption is also one of the best ways. During the trip in Japan, mealtime can be adjusted to eating lunch boxes that can be purchased at the mini market.

The best time to purchase are at the time of lunch boxes promo discount up to 50 percent, at 8.00 or 9.00pm, before the operating hours mini market ends.

Drinks can be saved with tap water is filled in the bottle - rather than buying a bottle of mineral water around 116-117 yen. The tap water in Japan can be directly consumed.

If you really want to eat sashimi or sushi, do in the last days. Of course it is necessary as part of the experience of the journey there.

Finally you are in Japan, and is known as a tourist area that requires careful planning costs. But. All paid off well with Japanese charm, the elegance of a past era to modern paced life around you.

(Source S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Japan National Tourism Organization /Images M Paath Djojonegoro)


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