Bonut that 'Melts' in Your Mouth

A favors combination among donut with biscuits by Alton Brown

Bonut - Image credit

Delicious donuts is the best friend when you're hanging out with friends in a crowded center, accompanied also with a special cup of coffee.

A great weekend when you find donuts cake, even just strolling to spend time at the mall, at the passing faces happy around you.

Maybe you know cronut, is a combination of croissants and donuts, cakes made from wheat flour that had horrendous and received appreciation from many foodies.

The chéf specialist certainly has a lot of ideas and new creations, as contained in the article on the site Eater, this time an kitchen instructor at Good Eats, chéf Alton Brown, introduced his creation, Bonut!

He knew the power of social media, and upload the bonut videos manufacture, special creation, biscuits with a donut shape and fried like a donut with a high quality biscuit dough. Citing other sites, Chicagoist, mostly biscuits made with a lot butter. However, for the manufacture of bonut, butter is used less.

He said then, "This is a biscuit that rises higher grade with the addition of 'beauty' of golden yellow donut."

Alton Brown did admit that this idea is not entirely new, because he says this is the kind of cake I've ever known in the southern United States, but he found the idea to bring back in the new name.

Now how it feels in your mouth? Do not imagine you're eating biscuits, crunchy and crisp, but still feels tenderness, slowly you feel the difference, this donut will 'melt' in your mouth. Wow ...

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Eater, Chicagoist /Image


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