First-Class Travelers, How Do They Actually?

Travellers are generally divided into two types, namely the backpacker and the suitcase type

Goenpa, Bhutan

Backpacker traveler is generally known of their activities on the streets of a city, you will-often meet them when traveling in a tourist destination area. And, they seem so simple, enjoy life in its way.

Those tourists who are known as travelers who have a limited budget, and typical of what we already know, namely duffel bags, backpacks appear to be so practical.

Now, if one day you see a different, tourists with suitcases, maybe it's you, I believe you have a high budget. The tourists like these generally give priority to the facility rather than the budget.

This morning I read an article in a travel sites, an exclusive class of travel operator, dREAMSCAPE, in a big city in Southeast Asia, Jakarta, Friday, September 23, 2016, to offer services to the suitcase tourists-type.

I learned, when tourists with suitcases type coming from the owner of the company, two percent are executives, with an age range of 20-60 years. Usually they were always very busy, working hours can be up to 100 hours per week.

Through this article, further said, that the high budget traveler's want the speed and certainty in a vacation. All they want, hotel reservation for example, have been studied previously, then just agree to start a vacation.

Other things such as vacation time, not too long (the longest traveling time between five to ten days), but the advantage is that they often traveled. More specifically, they generally traveled with family, one couple and one with friends in a year.

You will-know, they are among the privileged, among which so busy, day-to-day is filled with a solid working hours. So, you know, they are all the time looking for something different, bored with mainstream travel, some of them want to try anti-mainstream tourist destinations. It is worth a try!

They have done a survey first, check out the pictures on the internet, if they liked it, immediately agreed and set! Do not be surprised, if they want to travel to North Korea, Mongolia, or Bhutan. Cool!

(Source S Agmasari - KompasTravel, dREAMSCAPE Travel /Image L Pandjaitan)


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