80s Generation Cuts Wedding Reception Budget for Traveling

Research into the 1,080 millennials in United States

Young peoples at Dreamland Beach, Bali

They are the millennial generation born around the 80s, young people aged 18 to 35 years have a tendency to make you quite surprised.

But. That being the case, they prefer the charm of travel, one day, instead of spending all their wedding reception budgets.

The times have changed, traveling has become part of the lifestyle, they no longer even affected by the glitters of gold diamond wedding, no longer lucrative for the bride.

Surveys were able to surprise, quoting a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, one in five women say over choosing an engagement ring with the smallest value, in order to have a stroll budget larger. More surprising that they also prefer to save money for a trip with friends, compared with couples.

Despite the recent study conducted by Topdeck Travel and YouGov that does not mean they are the millennial forget the affair affection to their partner. No! It does not run parallel for granted.

Quite interesting, because they can be said to be ambiguous, on the other hand one of the seven people hoping to meet someone who could someday become their partner while on vacation. And, on the other hand at the same time want to be more familiar with companions in their travel.

Sarah Clark, as quoted from Lonely Planet, Global General Manager Topdeck Travel said, "Planned or set the time a walk turned out to be a very interesting thing to millennial or young professionals."

Furthermore, Sarah Clark get the facts from the survey, that they always want new friends in the course of travel in a new place.

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Image N Irana Sari)


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