Apartments in New York for $30 million for Kim Kardashian

Airbnb apartment houses rented for US $10 thousands per night

Central Park, New York - Image Credit L Priyanti

Penthouse-star hotels that provide guarantees luxurious atmosphere, like the shadow of the minds of many people is the fairness when Kim Kardashian brought her husband and two children to an apartment houses model offered by Airbnb.

She wanted a different atmosphere from their palace in Los Angeles, because luxury has become everyday life for her. As the quote from Vogue, this time they stay at a different place, a rental house that has five bedrooms, six bathrooms and located on the top of one of the buildings in New York.

Who knew if they liked the new atmosphere obtained at the apartment house of 2000 meters in New York with large glass windows, a gym and a sauna, swimming pool and an outdoor terrace. And, unlike the expectations of most people, that they only stay for the weekend. Trust me, it did not happen!

The Apartment Houses - Image Credit Airbnb

It turns out they are, Kim, Kanye, and their two children, North and Saint, is certain to be staying in the house for the next few months.

Citing articles on lifestyle website, CNN Indonesia, wrote about the joy of Kim, she wrote in her Snapchat account, "Wake up in the best place on Airbnb. Thanks for the compliment in New York. I was obsessed."

Ah, who can refuse to stay there?

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, Vogue /Images L Priyanti, Airbnb)


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