Finding the Best Seat on the Plane - 2

People generally have a reason to choose a seat on the plane

The best seats on the plane did exist? I think it's very relative to everyone, because there are considerations of a personal nature and will not be the same in every person. Maybe it really happened.

As also previously delivered on the first part, citing travel sites, KompasTravel yesterday, a different version of the low-cost airline, easyJets, that the best seats are the seats number "7F" and so each has its own version.

Let's just look at the reasons that often cited, according the suggestions of the cabin crew and experts as quoted from The Huffington Post.

For security reasons, choose aisle seats near the rear of the plane. This follows a study of Popular Mechanics, the passenger sitting near the tail of the aircraft had the opportunity of living is higher than 40 percent when an accident sitting in the front row. Seating in the hall/aisle, allowing them to get off the plane faster in an emergency.

For more "subtle" flights, the seat after the aircraft wing. Large aircraft able to withstand waves of air at altitude is always using large aircraft, while flying a more "refined", choose a seat after the aircraft wing.

In addition, according to the article, that according to the President, CEO and Co-Founder of Aviation Medicine Advisory Service, Dr. Quay Snyder, that the front and rear seats than its air tends to soar after airplane wings.

For a quiet flight, select a seat in the front cabin of the aircraft. You want to avoid the sound of aircraft engines, because they interfere with sleep. Choose a seat in the front cabin of the aircraft.

Possible 'small' disruption of voice conversations by the cabin crew. I's okay! But it is significant that the chair position to avoid the sound of aircraft engines.

To sleep, choose a window seat on the left side of the plane in the middle. Here you can sleep well. You will feel comfortable, to avoid noises from the lavatory or the air kitchen.

For carry-on luggage storage, select the back seat of the aircraft cabin. Unless the British airline, the rules of storage of goods in the baggage from back to front. Following this rule, while sitting in the back, you will have the opportunity to get a luggage storage in the trunk cabin.

To get out of the plane faster, choose to sit on the left side. Maybe this is helpful in an emergency, because the emergency exit on the left side of the fuselage. Do you want this? A faster exit from the aircraft, then you can choose to sit on the left side.

For more spacious sitting room, sit near the emergency exit window. This is the adequate sitting and wider legroom, because the space between have wider seats, seats near the emergency exit is the best option.

When you bring the kids, choose a seat near the dividing seat of the cabin. You need the space more spacious, isn't it? Look for a wider seat. Just select the best seats in the separate dividing wall between the business and economy class.

Generally, in the dividing wall seats have space that allows children to play on the floor on the cabin.

There are interesting things from the article I read on tourist sites, a flight attendant, Beth Blair, said in the unexpected situation, that the passengers can be as sweet as possible to the cabin crew, "If the treatment is sweet and the chocolate will not guarantee you get the seats you want, it certainly will not hurt."

Just believe, traveling in the airplane continued, and the sweet smile of the stewardess will be with you. And. Have a safe flight!

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(Source W Adityo Prodjo - KompasTravel, The Huffington Post /Image Garuda Indonesia)


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