Where is the Disappointing World Attractions?

There are seven well-known tourist attraction in the world

Big Ben, London

Disappointing attraction for tourists is not a difficult thing to find, you can be captivated on a finding on a travel site or through a friend's recommendation. In fact all be different.

Is this correct, if true does have attractions that can upset the tourists of the world? You can visit, browse some of the tourist sites, and the majority of tourists will leave traces testimony of attraction ever visited.

You could be in doubt after reading their testimony, believe there is always a note of disappointment, the attractions that are well known but has received bad ratings from some tourists. Call the famous tourist attractions, and you can find one or two negative notes from the tourists on the tourist attraction.

I quote a travel and lifestyle website, you will know that the common complaints, such as ticket prices and food prices, the difficulty of access or visitors who are boisterous as an example.

Despite their assessment more subjective impressed and drama than the actual reality on the ground. But we still appreciate the opinion, because it gives some idea of the tourist attraction.

Should I take articles from the Independent who wrote about the seven famous tourist attraction in the world yet obtained a record disappointed and discontent of the travelers who are also users of TripAdvisor.

1. Big Ben, London
- If you want to see Big Ben, just look on the internet because there looks nicer. Instead you have to jostle with hordes of tourists were busy taking photos with selfie sticks.

2. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
- The bridge is covered by fog, just buy a postcard with a much wider view. Even better the bay under the bridge.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

3. Eiffel Tower, Paris
- Too big, too ugly and too many people. More Like Blackpool tower or Roc d'Enfer, although the river is passable.

4. Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia
- Waited for three days, and could not climb. Very disappointing. Too many policies need to be revised.

5. Sistine Chapel, Vatican
- Not too special as I learned in school. Maybe underexposed or deliberately dimmed, but I was not impressed or amazed.

6. Arc de Triomphe, Paris
- Long queue there by taking the stairs, and I was walking behind a man who carelessly throw gas.

7. Stonehenge, Wiltshire
- Amazing on television, but in fact the place is very small and does not provide any inspiration. Do not waste your money into this place, better buy shoes for your son.

I do not know what their reason, whatever it behind them, everyone is free to express their opinions, even if we then knew. It is all too subjective and follows the emotional moment.

Famous tourist spots never wavered with all their aggravation, on the one hand this attraction continues to stand gallant and graceful. Did not hesitate to face the ever-changing times, people can be annoyed but once longed for and beloved.

(Source Megiza – CNN Indonesia, The Independent /Images Pingkan Djayasupena, Revna Rumambi)


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