Millennial Wine in Cans

New kind of drinks from generation of 21st century that is able to tease

Enjoying wine is a ceremony similar to the tradition of an ancient tribe in the Americas in the south, it is read from an article in the past. Not knowing where the resemblance, but enjoyed the wine does feel special and also a special moment.

This time the latest generation has the idea that less is more practical, enjoying wine has also become part of their lifestyle, and they know the best way to enjoy it.

Ah, they know about the tradition, but they do not want to be bound by all of it. Too tiring to obey! Crash the traditions and rules, if necessary, out of line.

You'd be surprised, they are creative to bring wine or wine in a can. As soon as I read of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, quotes the news writes that drink wine in cans is now becoming a trend among young people in the United States.

They are young people confront a rule, wine is not always synonymous again with expensive drinks were enjoyed in a glass-legged ladder, not canned. So it goes, the shape of the can of any variety like soft drinks, large, medium, small.

As observed in the beverage market of Whole Foods, said that it is the year 2016 could be the year of the wine beverage cans. Some of the brands that are favorites, among others Mancan products’ “Red Wine”, and The Drop with their brand “Rosé Wine”.

Present a variety of reactions, responses, eg from Tom Harrow, Honest Grapes wine site owner based in Britain, "The experience of enjoying wine has also become a symbol of social status, and sometimes can determine the ability of a person is able to distinguish the taste of wine."

That they said. But. Young people age, millennial generation, do not feel concerned. They prefer to enjoy the sensation, experience, not about others, such as the ownership, beverage cans are easy to obtain, disposable. Buy, carry anywhere, for example to a rock concert. That's good, isn’t it?

Young people are coming from different genes, outer planet, so let them enjoy life. Wine only one that happens in life. Enjoy, and do not drink too much!

(Source R Indra - CNN Indonesia, The Independent /Image Mancan Wine)


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