Countries with Airline Cheap Tickets and the Most Expensive Tickets

India, Malaysia and Russia are the countries that most cheap ticket prices

Emirates Boeing B777-200LR

Cheap tickets always being hunted by tourists who want to travel to many places and tourist areas in the world, anywhere, especially places that are rarely visited in the world.

The more unique places worth visiting, make a curious feeling increasingly arise, the desire to take a walk to anywhere in a variety of places in the world. It brings satisfaction to anybody, and you will be hard to tell personally.

Well, if you got the information about the countries that sell cheap tickets, you're immediately interested, a lot of want to find out as much information.

Regardless, on the other hand you will also find the countries that have airlines with ticket is quite expensive. It definitely fit the market segment and part of their marketing strategy.

A travel site, analyze comparative ticket in 75 popular tourist destinations, based on data from the domestic as well as international flights, both airlines and low cost full service.

Excerpts from the article on sites Kompas Travel shows an overview of price comparison is also counted both in peak season and off peak season, which yield an average ticket price for travel per 100 kilometers.

A full picture is also shown in the article on the sites Lonely Planet, because we know that India became the first ranked country with the cheapest ticket costing 2.51 pounds per 100 kilometers. You'll be more interested anymore, due to a budget airline, the figure was about 1.75 pounds per 100 kilometers.

Successive next is Malaysia with an average price of 2.92 pounds per 100 kilometers, and Russia is ranked third, with an average cost of 4.55 pounds per 100 km.

Especially for Russia, cheap prices actually on international lines, while on their domestic airline price has doubled.

Now what about countries with costly airline tickets?

You can find a carrier in countries such as United Arab Emirates, which is about 81.67 pounds. The second most expensive country is Finland, with an average ticket price of 39.39 pounds, followed by Qatar are on an average ticket price of 38.92 pounds, respectively also for a 100 km journey.

As said by the CEO of, Oliver Dlouhy citing the site of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, "Understanding a country with cheap prices ticket sales can assist travelers in planning their next trip."

In general it is a decline in ticket on various airlines in the world, the real impact of the drop in oil prices on the cost of air tickets, thus opening up opportunities for travel enthusiasts to draw up a new schedule, which is believed to be more attractive.

(Source S Anindiati Nursastri - Kompas Travel, Megiza - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Image Emirates)


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