15 Years "Nine Eleven" and New York has Changed

The new World Trade Center looming at the site of the twin towers once stood

September 11th for the citizens of New York has become a part of their life history. They realize the reality has changed since the attacks on fifteen years ago, when assembled at the Museum September 11, they recalled the sad event.

The city that continues to rise and recuperate, both local residents and tourists agree that the city and the world has changed, the length of time that has passed towards a new future. Regional development continues long after construction is completed, the tower new third building, also seen new transportation center and museum, as said by Alice Greenwald, Director of the Museum, the progress in the area of the tragedy, known as Ground Zero it seem real.

Furthermore, she said that the area is now a place to remember the past and into the center of life.

Citing an article in a news portal, I read about this event, a resident of New York, Betsy Randolph, clearly can describe it, "I am surrounded by the beauty and fertility of nature. However, underneath all that there is past history, and we have through it."

She looked toward a park at the site of the former prison which is not far from the World Trade Center, and added that all now like a metaphor.

Some tourists seem crowded around the memorial museum, examined the names written on the walls of the memorial, one of them shed tears, describing the memory of the events that thrill.

Took some pictures, talking quietly barely audible, whispering share with colleagues, while the citizens of New York, the New Yorker, aware of the changes around the site, and the revival of the area around Lower Manhattan. They compared the tragedy of September 11th and its aftermath events, and has been through dark days.

Confidence in themselves, in spite of bitter memories, that New York has always been a choice that is not negotiable in which they want to live.

(Source Kompas.com, VOA Indonesia /Images L Priyanti – New York)


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