Free Burger If You Tattooed!

As the conditions set by Cafe 51 in Melbourne

The Burger - Image Credit Cafe 51

Wearing a tattoo on your body it is okay, but what if the tattoo is shaped like a burger. A cafe in Australia apparently has a unique way to create a brand for their burger outlets.

You're walking around in this interesting city, well ... Who knew you could make time for a visit to a café, named Cafe 51.

A creative way of its owner, should I cite the article of a lifestyle site, writes that this burger shop offers a free burger, every day and for life, for customers who are tattooed. More unique again, it was not just any tattoo!

You're asked to make a special tattoo, a tattoo of a burger that size of Cafe 51 burger production and aged 18 years and over. In writing the owner of the café made the announcement on the official website pages #freeburgersforlife campaign, "Tattoos last a lifetime, so why not provide lifetime free burger, too?"

Outstanding idea, isn’t it? You are only required to make a burger tattoo, select anything burger from theIr menu and make the burger tattoo image anywhere in your body. They say that the guest buyer will be part of #burgerfamily and passed qualification to get a free burger every day, for life.

The method to promote an unique and powerful, and has done for a month and was launched on Sunday, September 25th. Until today, citing the sites Oddity Central, nearly 500 people have enrolled in the branches of Cafe 51 to turn it tattooed.

As said by Steve Agi, one of the founders, they never imagined the overwhelming response, and people apparently enjoyed the burger concoction of the café. Although they must be vigilant, there is likely to face bankruptcy.

People kept coming to get this special promo. This is the best weekend. I myself interested, are you?

(Source M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central /Image Cafe 51)


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