Choosing a delicious Gelato

How to choose a delicious gelato, and similar to the original from Italy

The Gelato

"The delicious gelato!", so that comes when you're walking in a tourist area and you find that tantalizing taste of gelato stores, you want to try it, but maybe you will be fooled, a different flavor.

Say you really wanted to, from its appearance does look very similar, and you should be observant enough to get it. Gelato is made in a way and made of a special, better known as the original Italian ice cream.

Gelato is a frozen dairy mix of typical Italian homade, which of course is different from ice cream sold in supermarkets, and feel softer.

A famous chéf and expert in making gelato, citing an article from a travel site, said that when the raw material is natural and good, gelato will be lighter in the mouth and fresh.

Well, you want to try it, do not you? Let's say you already bought it at a tourist spot, and obtaining one or more scoop of gelato.

1. Stored in an enclosed place. Keep the temperature of gelato, not exposed to the open air and remain solid. Gelato is still solid, because its texture is more dense than the usual ice cream, because there is a mixture of chemical ingredients to solidify the gelato.

2. Gelato made from natural materials, the character does not weight in the throat. That's how you feel, there is a sense of cool, but do not make your tongue pain, even you will never feel full.

3. The original Gelato will quickly melt. Well, so you can still enjoy it, eat immediately, so that they can feel the density. Said a chéf, gelato melt within about 10 minutes after being removed from refrigeration.

4. Enjoy a gelato in a state of 'start' to melt. For some other people, maybe they do not want to get too cold, enjoying gelato just when it will melt. Of course it depends on the tastes of everyone, isn't it?

5. Gelato commonly eaten when the stomach is full or not empty. It was the best, you have to eat first. Indeed, that is where the presence of gelato, it was the best dessert, you can eat it even when relaxing with your friends.

Indeed gelato create different situations, even when you're on a diet, one cup of gelato will not make you fat. It's fun when enjoyed with your family or friends during a trip, and it was always special.

(Source F Abdurachman - Kompas Travel /Image M Paath Djojonegoro)


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