Traveling First, Pay the Bill Later!

The tendency for UK residents who put a priority on trips, rather than paying monthly bills

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Putting to traveled have become unconscious for most Britons, and they will do anything, including delaying the bills that often come home every month, only for sightseeing trip.

Travel needs have become integrated part of the needs into most people lifestyle, especially in certain regions of Europe and the United States.

This makes the temptation on the survey organizer,, to conduct a survey on about two thousand people in the UK over the past year to take the time for a vacation, a survey published by a travel site, Lonely Planet. Has shown that more and more people want to vacation at least in a year.

Citing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, indicated that as many as 31 percent admitted to intentionally miss a bill payment to fund foreign holidays. One third of the respondents, 21 percent, delaying tax payments, 19 percent do not pay the phone bill, 17 percent skipped television bills, and 13 percent do not pay the electric bill.

Regardless there are also respondents were quite wary of the bill, it is seen from about 54 percent of respondents are still considering bills that come to their house, to just go on vacation. Maybe they still see no other way to go on vacation at a resort that is desirable from a long day.

Say, in some ways they can be taken, for example saving - 41 percent, using credit cards - 31 percent, using the salary - 10 percent, and borrowing to banks - 8 percent.

But. As presented at the beginning of the paragraph, that delaying the bill on the one hand to give a new long-term consequences. Survey organizers said, "There will be additional costs in the future and it will appear on your credit card statement, so that makes you look not reliable and are not responsible for your money."

Indeed, as it happens. But times change, no way can be taken, such as using the services of companies who are willing to help you, the travelers on vacation without having to pay the cost of the trip in advance. Let's look for them, as the quote from the site said, is already working with Affirm, the financial services companies, to pay the air ticket and accommodation in installments over one to 12 months.

There is more. You can find another, Expedia is willing to pay in installments, for hotel bookings worth more than $ 200. There is always a way and often browsing to view travel related services activity that constantly evolving.

(Source M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Image Pingkan Djayasupena)


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