Alcosynth, No More Hangover!

The findings of a British scientist with a mixture of anti-drunk

Sunset at Ku De Ta, Bali

Synthetic alcohol is a discovery of David Nutt, professor of the Imperial College and former drug adviser to the British Government, that was delivered by a recent article.

This is good news indeed, because when someone is consuming too much alcohol can be condemned to a state of annoying.

What is that? Well, you certainly know. Say a pleasant weekend with friends in a cozy café or a cool bar, unknowingly drank too much of one alcohol type, impact on the body and head pain on waking in the morning.

According to David Nutt, citing the sites Independent, he managed to create a kind of alcoholic beverage, called Alcosynth, which has the effect as alcohol but does not cause dry mouth, nausea or hang over. He is great, because it successfully patented more than 90 different type of alcosynth.

As the quote from a lifestyle site, Nutt said that alcosynth similar or equivalent to scotch and gin, as the cocktails without damaging your liver and heart. He added, "Alcosynth very delicious when made into a mojito. They are in fact very much like a Tom Collins drink. That one was bland, the other a little bitter."

As scientists certainly do a lot of research on a variety of chemical composition and their effect on the brain as occurs in alcohol for 30 years.

People certainly need to welcome this findings that guaranteed free benzodiazepine. Is not it can reduce the social burden as a result of excessive alcohol consumption? The community is aware of the need for a healthy life, regardless on the other side comes the needs to consume alcohol drink in a reasonable portion.

David Nutt believes this new kind of alcohol, though still experiencing problems at the cost of research, he said that in the next few years, 2050, alcoholic beverages would be lost.

And new types of drinks journey is still long to be present in bars or other drinking places. Then it happened, all right! And just wait.

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Independent /Image Dian Bintang)


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