New Coffee Drinks, the sling between Coffee, Milk and Banana

The creation of a barista at "J+B Design and Café", Brooklyn New York

Good coffee, that is sought by residents of large cities in several parts of the city, wherever they will look for it, just enjoy a cup of coffee is considered special.

The most enjoyable part is the time to enjoy it along with a friend who you like. Certainly.

But. Maybe one day you want to look for something different, one day you get tired of coffee that you think is not to give a new sensation in the restaurant or café.

Café barista in New York, a Japanese, Toshiro Fumio, combines three ingredients, coffee, milk and bananas, these kind of drinks just like the milkshakes, and the result was a surprise! He was able to sell about 50 drinks per week.

The Café - Image credit J+B Design and Café, New York

Unexpectedly, isn't it? Café visitors turned out like a drink from the work of the dish, originally experimentation, trial and error. As the quote from the site CNN Indonesia, Toshiro read an article about the beverage made from bananas in Brazil, and from there he tried his creation.

Let's see how he makes it. As written on the site.

Toshiro combine cold coffee with milk, banana juice and a little syrup. He smooths ripe bananas, next step is mixed with milk, until tropical fruit texture was not seen again, one with coffee and milk.

An article on Eater, wrote that the sensation is unique, he muffled a strong banana flavor up not too flashy but still fresh. The faint banana flavor that could balance the acidity of coffee cold underneath.

Citing the food site, he said, "I think this drink is too weird for most people. But so few people try, the more people come to enjoy this drink."

Toshiro added, this drink as light latte with fresh sensation typical banana and sour cold coffee.

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Eater /Images M Paath Djojonegoro, J+B Design and Café)


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