Mask and Marie Antoinette wig for a Paris picnic-style

An event called Diner en Blanc that horrendous New York

Peoples around the park near the Brooklyn Bridge

Masquerade and the use of wigs in festive feast took place in New York, this show is actually a moment traveled, picnic with a different theme than usual. And you can speculate as to what actually took place.

Of course the event was created with a variety of surprise, but enthusiasts of the event will be curious, I read a news item in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia about this event. I thought this was interesting.

Try it you imagine, there is a strange thing else but challenging, for example, the location of the picnic was not directly informed to the participants and guests are asked to wait, that's great, isn't it?

Guests wait, they'll get a special invitation, the location is known only a few minutes before the event starts.

This event has been going since 2011, held in 20 cities in turn, was inspired by a similar party in France 30 years ago. And the general public appreciated by many participants, who automatically becomes the party guests. That will have to wait until when the notice arrived.

Well, New York became a city of choice this time, even according to event organizers - have been waiting for their turn around 45 thousand guests, again and again - notice the location of Diner en Blanc sent at 6:30 pm local time, the participants waited in point 23 possible locations, scattered across the city.

One characteristic of the participants is waving linen napkins, and events soon begin! And they will have the honor to enjoy a dish from Celebrity Chéf Todd English, in the form of steamed salmon and noodles called 'Dun Dun Noodles'.

You know, one of the other unique thing is the guests brought their own chairs and tables to pay US $ 37, and then enthusiastically organize a picnic area on the banks of the Hudson River, clinks glasses of champagne and enjoy the twilight. It was great!

Just like a party, after a grain meal, they partied with changing the location of the arena into a rave, where all participants danced and danced to the strains of the music of Django Reinhardt.

Believe me, this party is unique, and different than you ever knew. Citing the words of the organizers, it was encouraging for all participants, gathered with a lot of people, enjoying dinner together and creating magical moments.

(Source L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia /Image L Priyanti - New York)


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