Please, No Visiting to these Countries!

There are four countries in the world that are not recommended

Kanuri tribal fishermen in 1970s, Lake Chad

Traveling to the country in the world has become a part of the integrated activities in the whole movement of tourists in the world, imagine if you want to visit, then you are advised to postpone it. That is certainly annoying, isn’t it?

I read of a lifestyle sites, say a country in the world that are considered dangerous, for example, I cite the sites CNN Indonesia, writes about North Korea as a country that is closed and often have poor records about the reported human rights.

And other things that make people think hard to visit there. However, another quote from the sites The Independent suggests there are four countries that are considered worse and scary than North Korea.

1. Honduras

We recommend that you see a note from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of Britain, said, "Crime and violence is a serious problem that exists throughout Honduras, and this is one of the countries with the highest murder rate in the world."

General views everyday is brewed mutually between vehicles. This entry adds to not stroll around Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, and other major cities. They acknowledged that the city of San Pedro Sula is one of the most dangerous cities in the world with the second highest murder rate, after Caracas, Venezuela.

2. Chad

Countries in Central Africa is the country with the level of safety and security and international openness worst in 2015 based on the report of the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report.

In addition the country is often used as a line of cross-border attacks by the Boko Haram.

3. Pakistan

The Asian country is among the top ten countries with a low level of peace that is based on the Global Peace Index.

The cites from sites Lonely Planet mentions about the religious conflicts and political violence. The trip is strongly recommended if you want to do with the assistance of the armed parties.

4. Somalia

Notes from the FCO asked that people avoid the tour to visit the country that full of armed conflict, the presence of armed groups is not conducive to anyone for migrants travel from outside.

Countries with a very high risk, the visit of the tourists is very unfavorable. Danger awaits from various possibilities. Putting it off is much wiser.

(Source M Nasiri – CNN Indonesia, The Independent, Lonely Planet /Image Ryszard Vorbrich via Wikipedia)


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