Airports favored by Pilots and Flight Attendants

Questions provided by the sites AskReddit to them

Passengers at Changi Airport, Singapore

Airports in the world that travelers have a favorite we commonly know, well ... This time a site asks different things to the pilots of various airline and its cabin attendants.

You will know that they have a preference more or less similar to the tourists, so just read in a tourist site, Kompas Travel.

A site AskReddit ask questions to the pilot, which is more or less like this, "Pilots and flight attendants, which airports do you like most and which airports you most hate?"

You will also find articles about this subject in the sites Lonely Planet related to the airports favored by pilots and flight attendants. And, do not be surprised if they would like Changi Airport in Singapore or Incheon Airport in Seoul, apart from these two airports is always on the list of best airports in the world.

1. Changi International Airport, Singapore. The airport has a facility that is preferred by anyone, such as the hotel (to rest at 50 Singapore dollars) and give ease in immigration matters provided by the hotel. Other facilities are an integral shopping center, movie theater open 24 hours, free wifi and free computer.

2. Detroit Metropolitan Airport, USA. Service that makes it easy for pilots to move to other places in the airport area, the new building is designed in such a way by train to get around. Then you will not get lost, signs are available in English, Japanese and Mandarin.

3. Zurich Airport, Switzerland. Modern service, fast and efficient. The time between check-in to take off in the European airlines only about 35 minutes. Preferably also because there are many appropriate chocolate shop you get when you are in this country.

4. Minneapolis St Paul International Airport, USA. Wonderful service favored by pilots and flight attendants, because the facility has a lot of good food outlets.

5. Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, USA. One of the most beautiful airports in the world, according to the tourists and get the most downloads in Instagram. And, the pilots and flight attendants agreed with that statement.

Reddit account those who have apparently been informed in advance, as well as pilots and flight attendants who have an account, "The airports is indeed beautiful, and they loved it!" said a Reddit user. Certainly!

(Source S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Lonely Planet /Image M Kretyawan)


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