Strongest Passport was in Germany

Notes on the index of visa restrictions, a German citizen has a 'privilege' passport

The Love Padlocks Wall, Germany

Traveled to many countries has been a dream for many a traveler in the world, has always wanted to be present anywhere in the world leading tourist spot and can show it to friends, particularly uploading to social media.

You've even seen the number of tourists from Britain or the United States in various tourist areas, they seem so easy to travel anywhere.

Thus, on the one hand you may think, they might have a passport that is very 'strong'.

It was not so, citing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, according to the records of visa restrictions index which is owned by the firm Henley & Partners, citizens who obtain a passport with a 'privilege' is a German citizen.

They, German citizens can travel visa-free access status to 177 countries.

As another quote from The Independent, wrote that briefly evacuate the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has the world's largest information regarding travel, based on their data it is known that the firm Henley & Partners, made a ranking of 199 countries that gives freedom to its citizens traveling to 218 countries.

Following in second place is a Swedish citizen registered with the privilege of visa-free access to 176 countries.

The country rating does give an idea of ​​the freedom of travelers to travel to a country of destination.

1. German visa-free access to 177 countries
2. Sweden 176 countries
3. The United Kingdom, Finland, France, Italy and Spain with the same rights in 175 countries
4. The United States, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands 174 countries

Well, what about the countries that are otherwise? Afghanistan, ranked 104, are in this category, where citizens with travel limitations, only had access to 25 countries. Other countries are Pakistan with 29 countries and Iraq with freedom of access visits in 30 countries.

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, The Independent /Image R Rumambi)


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