Traveling to the South Pole

How to reach special and challenge place like this region?

Emperor Penguin - Image Credit Samuel Blanc

Trip with a tour operator is an option that is not negotiable, this place does give a new perspective for anyone, so mysterious but tease your heart, isn't it? You will find a place with ice and the only ice around you, it really can not be imagined in the normal human mind.

And if you've already decided to journey and an adventure, there's no other way to travel alone, you should use the services of the more experienced by the region. Overlay iceberg with an average thickness of 3000 meters, even in some places up to 4 km.

South Pole is situated in the area of the Antarctic continent, and indeed there is a trip operator that can you call, one of which is the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), which established in 1991.

Say you believe in this association, citing sites detikTravel, Tuesday, September 20, 2016, and I think the best way, cause they make security standards, service and safety, for the adventurous who want to experience the charm of the South Pole.

Many options are provided by the tour operator, such as an approximately 11 days trip with the cruise ship Crystal Symphony or Prinsendam with a capacity of around 500 passengers, or you want to use Yacht (12 passengers)? You can find the travel agency under the auspices of the association, the S/V Australis.

All places of departure has been determined, as stated in the quote from the site, among other things you can achieve certain cities, such as Ushuaia - Argentina, Punta Arenas - Chile or Montevideo - Uruguay. Generally, the tour operators, among others Antarctica Travels (USD 8,650 for a 6-day trip) and Intrepid (AUD 15,800), with the best time to visit at the end of the year until the beginning of the year, I thought it was great because it coincides with the summer and temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius.

Geographic Southpole - Image Credit Kuno Lechner; cropped by H Debussy-Jones

Sure there faster option with the airplane, the Antarctic Airways from Punta Arenas, Chile, heading to the airport Teniente R Marsh, King George Island which is one of the largest islands in the South Pole.

Say you got there, and boarded the boat or yacht around the polar region, and as expected from the beginning, the ice and the only ice, white round eyes looking in all directions, iceberg outspread, exploring ice caves, even you can see the funny bird, the Penguins.

Not everyone can reach this place, so the adventure to this area is always tempting feelings of the traveler who wants adventure. You can talk to your family and friends anywhere.

(Source A Farhan - detikTravel, IAATO /Images Wikipedia)


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