Woodall Tea Creations Using Aerosol Spray Cans

Guy Woodall create a modern tea drinking innovation

Tearoom drinking has become a ritual in some countries of the world, such as in the UK or Japan. But in general people know a few ways to be able to drink tea, for example, pouring the tea powder or with newer ways to use tea bags.

Well. This time you will be taken to a more modern way, say so at this time.

A fan of tea, Guy Woodall, he thought to look for new ways, and then find a tearoom innovation. Citing articles on a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia said that the discovery is a new way to drink tea without dunk the tea bag into a cup, Woodall using aerosol spray cans.

You deserve to give an appreciation of the way, this is completely different, such as when you want to drink tea, you're just a little squirt of liquid concentrated tea into the cup. Afterwards, add hot water and milk if desired.

I gained more articles from sites Reuters, that new tea creation is called "No More Tea Bags" is a product of tea that has been brewed and stored in aluminum spray bottle.

Tea enthusiast community welcomes the new way to drink tea, as well as Woodall, "Of course there is an element of discomfort about this. But there was no wet bags that must be removed after making the tea."

Woodall is creative, a further quote, he used wine making equipment to make about a giant pot of tea steam.

And. It's time to buy the cans No More Tea Bags, you will find about 20 cups of tea in it, available in three flavors, namely English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Jasmine.

Effort and hard work pay off, at first he tried it in the glass, using chemical preservatives, but later canceled it. "I am aware that you can put the tea (in aerosol cans) under sterile conditions and is completely isolated from the atmosphere."

Now, do not hesitate, said Woodall, for tea fans, are confirmed to have found it in stores since August. Alright then. Let the tea first!

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Reuters /Image Pingkan Djayasupena)


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