Utah became the Happiest in United States

State in the western of the United States had the lowest rates of heart attacks and high levels of generosity

Dream places in America is a charm that never runs out with time. Say you want to make certain parts of the country are interested in, where we can find great cities, such as Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago and it is a fairness when did people decide want to get there.

But. You will feel shocked to hear that Utah became the most peaceful places in the United States, people felt very happy. That is a hefty price, when we live in this world.

As written in the sites Lonely Planet, the results of this study takes into account other factors, such as income (increased to a maximum of US $ 75 thousand per year), as well as the safety factor, the level of life satisfaction and quality of sleep.

Other excerpt of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, wrote that the study was carried out by the finance department in WalletHub. They compared 50 states and the District of Columbia to see as many as 28 sub-categories, including physical and mental health, work environment and local community life.

Of course we do not want to argue about this, because their happiness is everyday life, you try to visit there, a beautiful natural scenery, the town surrounded by the expanse of hills and green fields, blue sky and fresh cool air, then ... What more do you want of this life? All like blessed, they live quietly, do not rush, relaxed and definitely happy.

Okay, maybe you want to know the other states included in the category are happy, respectively Hawaii (with the depressed levels of the lowest), North Dakota (with the low level of long-term unemployment), and the other is Minnesota, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and California.

And, to appear in person there will make it more real.

(Source M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Image D Ramey Logan via wikipedia)


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