4 Fraud Trends That Frequently Experienced By Traveler 2017

Please alert throughout the journey, and to be more careful during the holidays

Travelers at the check-in desk at the airport, Sydney - Image credit J Tobing

The tendency of fraud that may occur on the tourists when they are in a tourist destination country, all of which are planned to disappear and end up with disappointment.

You do not want a nice vacation ended with sadness, as a victim of fraud, following reviews on sites detikTravel, January 12, when all the fun is expected in the course of becoming a disaster.

How to commit fraud with technology generated in the future, especially when traveling affairs has also done online.

1. Counterfeit or replica site

Category of sites included in the cloned website alias fake site, and it is difficult to discern, because it is so similar to the original. For example, the site of the festival ticket booking or package holiday.

You do not want to happen, when it paid a ticket to the destination account, it turns out there is no admission to the email. To track site builder was not always easy, need help to those skilled in those art.

You'd better be able to see whether it's official or not, because cloned website at the same address on the site only difference is .com, .net can be replaced with .net and so forth.

2. Site fraud

Scam websites deliberately made to deceive customers, such as sites for hotel reservations with a view so convincingly complete with columns for the gorgeous "sign up" designed.

Check the website originality, especially when requiring transfer money, check whether it is the official site. Do not just believe with a great view.

You can also ask friends, if ever booking of the site and how about his/her review. The original site that always starts with 'https://'.

3. Compulsion pay via money transfer

Be vigilant when traveling via online reservation, because the site is to provide payment by bank transfer, in the absence of other options like using a credit card.

When a traveler already cheated, you will find it hard to be able to get the money had been paid.

4. Criminals impersonate authorized officer

When you're planning a sightseeing trip, often dealing with many parties. Say from travel agencies, car rental, tourist entrance ticket sellers, until the tour guide. At moments like this, watch out! It may happen, suddenly people who are dealing with you is a fake officer.

The new cases occurred when a traveler was deceived by a tourist guide, 38 Chinese tourists abandoned by a tour guide in Thailand.

When you want to use the services of handling various matters related to holidays, it is advisable to contact an official travel agency, including travel agents, certified tour guides and so forth.

Experience while traveling is always full of surprises, but of course you and your friends do not want to be fooled or similar experiences.

Source: K Yustiana - detikTravel, CNN Travel, Travel and Leisure
Image: J Tobing


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