Large Suitcase Disturbing Ryanair

The policy of the airline Ryanair which allows carrying suitcases or bags without additional cost

Ryanair Boeing 737-800

Additional charges for suitcases and bags for passengers who carry excess is the norm in many world airlines, so that passengers affected by the rules surcharge for flights at the airline check-in desk at the airport.

Different things worn by low cost airlines from Ireland, Ryanair, for enacting policies to carry suitcases or extra bags at no additional cost to their passenger.

Latitude pampering their customers, in addition to suitcases or bags that incoming baggage, passengers are allowed to bring in a maximum of 44 liters sized suitcase and a small bag of a maximum size of 14 liters.

But. The policy brings things are now actually bother the airline, such as reviews on the site CNN Indonesia, February 8, many passengers who take advantage of that generosity by acting unwise, since many of them were carrying a suitcase or bag extra large sized into the cabin plane.

You know what can happen? Flights into often hampered, due to the process of entering the passenger suitcases into the cabin.

If the situation is less favorable continue to occur, it could be Ryanair will end their cool treatment, citing the site of The Independent, as claimed by the airline's financial boss, Neil Sorahan.

"We are victims of our own kindness. Many of the passengers who did not heed the rules. They were allowed to bring suitcases into the cabin, but not that large."

True, it is proper passengers behave appropriately with respect to the policy of the airline, and understand the impact on flight operations, continuing to be a delay time to fly on schedule.

Apart with the development policy, Ryanair indeed has long been known as a low cost airline which has always been very kind to passengers.

While another policy of low cost airline in UK, such as easyJet only allowing passengers to carry a maximum of 63 liters sized suitcase into the aircraft cabin.

And not always easy for the passengers, when they want to bring another bag, passengers are required to pay additional cost.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: Ryanair


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