Eiffel Tower Will Have Glass Wall

After re-opened in mid-December last year

The Eiffel Tower - Image credit A Soekirno

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is already authorized can be revisited by tourists on December 18, 2016, as it was known before its workers to strike for five days.

Has become the news media, the workers perform this action because it was not satisfied with the decision of the management, SETE, related employee benefits.

Now all is back to normal, the city authorities see the other side of the tower, as reported on the sites CNN Indonesia, February 14, they will build two walls of glass for safety and beauty of the historic building is when taking a photo or video.

You know when previously been present iron fence around it ahead of the European Cup in 2016, citing the sites CNN on Tuesday, February 14, now they replaced it with a 2.5-meter glass wall on the north and south towers.

They recognize when an iron fence "spoil the beauty" of the tower, said Jean-François Martins, Deputy Tourism Paris.

"The iron fence is intended for security, but an eyesore to the tower."

According to Martins, the glass wall that will make the tourists could look directly into the tower through a number of points, such as the Champ de Mars Park and Iena Bridge.

Indeed both locations until now always been a tourist favorite location to take pictures.

The French government has worked seriously in maintaining security, given the number of visits to the area of ​​the tower reaches 6 million tourists annually, and especially after the terror attacks occurred some time ago.

The Eiffel Tower is still be one of the most popular paid attraction in the world, with flexibility for tourists who want to relax in the surrounding gardens, and will not be charged.

The extraordinary efforts of the city government, for example, in January, the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has proposed tower maintenance fund budget of US $ 318 million.

In addition to the glass wall, they have added elevators, security systems and lighting.

Nothing is ever wasted, tourists continued to arrive and give the advantage to the government revenues of $ 87 million.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, CNN
Image: A Soekirno


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