Americans Start Leave the Restaurants

Approximately one third of people are starting to leave to eat out or go to a restaurant

The Menu, illustration - Image credit L Priyanti

The increase in the price of food seems to be one of the considerations for anyone who wants to eat in a restaurant, citizens of large cities began to think, when they usually eat and do price comparisons on their favorite eating places.

This is consistent with the results of a survey, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, due to considerations of price increases, it is estimated that one third of the American people began to leave eating outside the home.

As conducted by Reuters/Ipsos from March 14 to January 25 showed declining trends in food away from home for three months, so it deserves to be considered by the restaurant management or culinary business when they see a new tendency of Americans.

New strategies need to be prepared to face the reality that is happening and how the best way to revive interest in the market for eating outside the home.

Many factors led to a decrease in this trend, such as menu price increases, sales of various cookware and dining, and a system of buying and online selling system.

And annual data from the US restaurants from NPD showed a tendency to flat or up one percent since 2009, when there was a crisis that fell two percent.

While the survey showed 62 percent of respondents said cost was the main reason they cut down on eating outside the home, based on the results of the study to 4,200 US adults.

The Menu, illustration - Image credit L Priyanti

Facts say they began rarely eaten outside the home when compared to three months ago.

Further review of the institution, that there is a gap between the price of foodstuffs on the market with the restaurant, the highest in history.

Do not be surprised if you find this trend, the rise in prices outside the home or in restaurants by 2.4 percent at the end of January, while when they cook themselves a decline of 1.9 percent.

Consumers are certainly aware of what had happened, and about two-thirds of poll respondents said they consider eating at home is much cheaper.

Now not only the culinary business manager who experienced it, even the wholesale businessmen also feel the similar trend.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Reuters
Image: L Priyanti - NY


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