China Build Vertical Forest To Overcome Pollution

Cities in China is still in great danger due to air pollution

An elderly man sketches plum blossoms at the annual Nanjing Plum Blossom festival - Image credit Haha169

The threat of air pollution hit China since some time ago, and the Chinese government has sought to overcome the various ways, but how effective has not been found.

One of the efforts that will be done is to build a vertical forest in Nanjing, it is featured in the sites CNN Indonesia, February 8, in an attempt to overcome air pollution caused by coal consumption, housing and factory smoke in motor vehicles.

In fact, according to authorities on environmental matters has expressed alarm for cities in the northern region of the country, due to the threat of air pollution.

After they had issued a warning of danger in the first smog of Beijing, in December last year after adopting gradation warning system.

The worst smog experienced by the country since the fall, said media reports of local government, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Tuesday, January 7, writes about the effort to do as a solution that is thought to reduce the worst effects for society more broadly.

Vertical forest extends upward imagined it would be built with the concept of the balcony, almost the same as the concept has been applied in Italy were as high as 198 meters.

While the architects company are believed to make the design is Stefano Boeri that has designed eco-friendly extended forest in Italy and Switzerland.

Of course such efforts deserve appreciation, vertical forest named Nanjing Green Towers with two poles constructed forest, which will contain the first 1,100 trees and the second will be filled 2,500 green plants.

Need serious work in construction, they have prepared a row of pillars and an area reached 6,000 square meters, where one pole forest is expected to produce 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and 60 kg of oxygen every day.

In addition to the forest, each pillar will be built office space, business and the public as much as 33 floors, and is expected to be completed and start operating in 2018.

The most important of all of the above is one of the severe problems due to air pollution can be resolved.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Haha169 via Wikipedia


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