Sushi Croissant that 'Hated'

Hybrid bread which is the latest creation from “Mr Holmes Bake House” in LA

Sushi Croissant - Image credit Mr Holmes Bake House, LA

Croissants menu at a bakery store that line in front of you when an afternoon on the weekend of fun, you want to immediately come over and want to enjoy a cup of coffee together soon.

Many other opportunities to enjoy croissants, say during breakfast, but the croissants may not be too filling.

No wonder the fans of culinary thought to be creative to meet that expectation. The new culinary innovation is unpredictable, quoting from the sites CNN Indonesia, February 2, creations that allow you to eat anything without worrying about running out of money or the stomach is too full.

Food creations that combine different cultures, east and west was united in the oven bread, croissant with sushi at once, in one meal. I guarantee you will feel so full and satisfied.

They, culinary creators make a culinary hybrid today, citing the sites Metro, exists a new culinary known as sushi-croissant.

The new culinary creations as the marriage of two culinary products, created by the bakery shop in Los Angeles, "Mr. Holmes Bake House", the bread is referred to as "cali croissant".

This is not the first work of their culinary products interbreeding of that bakery shop, you know, they are very creative in finding new products, such as culinary other hybrid, cruffin (croissant-muffin).

You can see the shape similar to a croissant in general, take a look at the inside, there is a small insertion sushi-nori rolls are stuck in the dough.

Cali croissant is interesting creations containing smoked salmon, nori (seaweed), red ginger, and wasabi sushi rolls. And you can eat it with soy sauce as a dip dye.

But. You will be surprised when they see the response of the customers, sushi-croissants is not favored, just a lot of opposition and blasphemy by the customers.

When it comes to taste on a culinary, surely a matter of 'taste' became one of the reference of the culinary enthusiast. They say that cali croissant had a fishy taste left after eating.

I think the culinary creators are still awaiting a response from the other customers. 'Probably' the majority of them refused to taste it again, including the reaction in social media. Certainly.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Metro
Image: Mr Holmes Bake House


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