Fake Travel Sites Annoying Tourists

Many offers from various fake travel sites similar to the original site

Blue hour of Santorini, Greece - Image credit E Widi

Fake website is scattered in cyberspace, and victims often unwittingly carried away by the seduction makers of the fake website, after their money on the move and never looked back. Genesis annoying for Internet users, citing a lifestyle site CNN Indonesia, February 20, for example, steal money as fake bank websites, steal personal information, to influence the political views as is often done by the ‘hoax’ news site.

Circulation of hoax and scam websites intensified due to the tools to create such a website provided complete and easy to use, Internet users often do not realize when you're in a false travel sites.

An internet user may be tempted by the cheap prices offered by a travel website, quoting the site of The Independent on Monday, February 20th, a site with the address cycladesrentals.com alleged fraud against tourists.

When you access the site, similar to the original site, because it uses images taken from the official tourist site, such as one site of Villa Plus.

Travelers will make the payment, and will receive evidence of false booking which of course does not apply when repatriated.

Anyone who accesses will be tempted, even the site complete with the slogan 'Have Serve Luxury Travel For Decades', although only known that the site has been operating for some months.

Not hard to find the sites, when the fraudster create ‘easy to find’ keywords, such as “villa in Santorini” and the like, and in the end the site owner of Villa Plus, Nick Cooper was concerned with the fraudster exploits like this.

The Light of Santorini - Image credit E Widi

He certainly be busy, because they have to contact the authorities, the police state, and to ask the law enforcement authorities can better oversee a number of travel 'fraud' site is still able to operate.

"They use the sites and images as real, then cheat tourists who would come all the way to find a place to stay during the tour. It was horrible."

Until now made it known fraudulent sites, other than Cyclades Rentals, there are two other fraudulent travel sites whose existence was revealed, namely Canarian Luxury Villas and Verbier Chalet Rentals.

Their ways to operate more or less similar, so travelers need to be careful in getting travel information in the future.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, KompasTekno, The Independent
Image: Emmanuella Widi


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