Restaurant Employee Caught Selling Marijuana

Marijuana tuck 'in between' french-fries in fast food restaurants with drive-thru service

The french fries, illustration - image credit R Rumambi

Selling marijuana have found some interesting patterns which is then favored by the devotees who are scattered in various places, and using its own code which can later be found by the seller. A clever way, but need to carefully implement it.

But the present complaints from other customers when the sales patterns result in wider society, so that the police received an official report from the public customers.

This time, the exciting events at fast food restaurants in New Hampshire, United States, citing the article on the sites CNN Indonesia, January 31, an employee at the restaurant were arrested by police as a result of selling marijuana through the drive-thru service.

Through the media, among others cite articles in the Daily Mail, the employee named Garrett Norris and an employee of the Burger King fast-food restaurant.

Michael Wallace, head of the local police received a report on the activities of the marijuana trade with the method often used a lot of riders.

Certainly the authorities conducted a series of studies, and they found the methods used, order food as befits by another customer, then the customer asks to code whether the 'nasty boy' was on duty.

The code refers to Norris. Certainly!

When the resto responded that Norris duty, customers can order marijuana through the next code, ie fries order with 'fries extra crispy'.

The further situation, Norris act soon, marijuana has been available in private storage closet at the restaurant. Lets you look at, because it's hand-rolled marijuana codified in an empty coffee cup and get paid while taking orders.

The police chief said in an interview with local media, Union Leader, "But we do not know the transaction has been going on since when."

But something needs to be explored further, perhaps Norris does not work alone, because with him, the other employees were arrested in a state of alcoholic intoxication, Meagan Dearborn, 19, the substitute manager, during the raids carried out by police on Tuesday, January 21.

Dearborn looked disappointed, maybe a surprise and regretted what had happened.

` "I do not know what was going on, but because I was taking orders and delivering them food, the police arrested me."

Until now, the restaurant management officially not given details.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Daily Mail
Image: R Rumambi


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