Travelers Need No Passport Shows in Australia

Application of self-processing tool system that will be operated at the airport

Bourke's Street, Melbourne - Image credit V Arifin

The use of passports for travelers going on holiday to Australia will find different things in the near future, this is certainly worth it surprise enjoyed by tourists when entering or leaving Australia.

Of course this can happen due to follow the development of technology that will be implemented at the airport, citing the article on the site detikNews, January 22, authorities in Australia, particularly from the Ministry of Immigration and Border Protection.

A lot of consideration before they decide to implement it. They know the benefits of new technology such as this, and the most important is the courage to implement it.

This time they opened a tender for independent processing tool system that will be introduced towards the end of this year, a system that uses scanning technology or fingerprint recognition, iris or facial structure in a number of major airports and seaports.

Peter Dutton, Minister of Immigration said that the application of this technology to more than 90 percent of the passengers avoid filling documents with processing paper or manually by the officers.

True, that does not mean the tourists no longer carry a passport at all, they are still required to bring their passport, but in the long run will have the leeway to not show it.

"But in the short term, this will make it easier, faster, for people to get in and out of our airports."

Sydney Airport - Image credit J Tobing

Airports and ports it will spend on the development of scanning technology like this swallow a budget of $ 78 million, while enhancing the security of Australia's borders and make it easier to anticipate the threat to their country.

New technologies always require the budget to be invested in the form of biometric information collection system, and reliable than information gathering information from people with the manual system.

"So there's the ability through technology to increase the detection of people who may come to our country with something wrong."

In a broader sense it appears that the Australian government can understand the full impact of the tourism world extensively, and many conveniences that obtained by the tourists who are visiting.

Source: detikNews, Australia Plus ABC
Image: V Arifin, J Tobing


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