Pending Immigration Policy, Tourists Coming to America

Immigration Policies Trump has postponed nationally which took effect on Friday, February 3

Times Square, New York - Image credit L Priyanti

Executive Order issued by President Trump invited reactions from various groups of people in the United States, a ban on the influx of immigrants from Muslim countries to the United States, which then led to protests and rejection.

Orders of the President Trump on Friday, January 27 suspending temporarily the influx of immigrants to the United States for at least 120 days in the future and also prohibits citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, namely Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, get in America for 90 next day.

And I think you may know, the real impact following the cancellation of the policy, a number of tourists from these countries started to come to the United States.

They include a group of tourists, for example Kamal Fadlalla a Sudanese origin, in an interview on the site AFP, Sunday, February 2, at Terminal 4 at John F Kennedy International Airport, New York.

"It's encouraging."

It is upsetting for her to get an experience like this, when it can not leave for the United States, stuck in her home country for a week because of this policy, and it's the time for her.

Now she can be reunited with friends and colleagues. Then she adds.

"This is a tough week. It was horrible and surprise everyone."

Another incident was a tourist in Tehran, Iran, a woman who claimed to be booked a ticket back to the US, because she planned to meet her brother.

She was disappointed that she could not leave, because of policies that restrict her trip to America.

"Until yesterday, I was very disappointed. But this time we get a new hope with the news, but still a 50-50 chance. But I'll take the risk."

As known, Judge James Robart based in Seattle, Washington, granted the lawsuit filed by the state attorney general of Washington, Bob Ferguson.

Judge Robart in the decision to call, Trump executive order must be based on facts, not fiction, to be in line with the US Constitution, and applies nationwide for the entire US territory.

If so, the policy of travel restrictions lifted and tourists can visit the United States.

Sources: Ibn Hariyanto - detikNews, AFP
Image: L Priyanti - NY


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