Beer and Wine As Much As You Like in Japan

A restaurant in Tokyo offer a package to drink freely

Restaurant in Tokyo - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Foods package promo can be obtained in various ways, for example in a restaurant that was doing foods package and beverages or also in certain major holidays. Perhaps you've found a restaurant that offers a menu of all you can eat or you can eat in a lump sum, and generally as a 'gimmick' that can entice new customers to try the tempting restaurant menu.

Attract bids from several restaurants increasingly attractive as an alternative option when financial conditions are being 'bankrupt', thus reviewed in a site CNN Indonesia, February 15, and not just food, this time the public can also enjoy the way to enjoy a flavored beverage alcohol.

Now a restaurant in Tokyo, as quoted from the site Japan Today, offers to drink freely packages of various types of liquor that can be enjoyed with a price of 100 yen.

Try it you were present in the restaurant, then serving drinks are offered to restaurant guests, various types of beverages such as beer, wine, whiskey can be ordered with up to a very cheap price.

Guests can even enjoy other types of beverages, alcohol beverages, cocktails and snacks ordinary as can be ordered at the same price.

Even more exciting for anyone, because you do not need to bring a friend to be able to enjoy a meal at a restaurant serving this promos, one can also enjoy it alone.

Despite the temptation interesting, there are regulations that deserves to be obeyed by the guests in the restaurant, the cost of 100 yen is charged only for a drink on the spot for ten minutes.

Or in other words, if you want to spend more drinks than the time specified, will be charged an additional fee of 100 yen. They are quite careful in this regard, because starting from the time of booking until the time of paying the entire meal at the checkout.

Then you can visit the downtown area of ​​Tokyo, this restaurant can be reached in around 10 minutes from Shinjuku station, and their promos offered to customers who apply starting from 2pm to 7pm.

A great marketing technique, brilliant and managed to attract a lot of rummy to come and 'partying'.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Japan Today
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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