Luxury Holiday with Boeing 767

Dream trips that can be realized by using a travel agent

Passenger in a flight, illustration - Image credit Singapore Airlines

Private aircraft of Boeing 767 has become one of the offers from several travel agencies in the world, they include DreamMaker and the World of Diamonds Group. Sensations that occur in air travel with friends nearby.

A fact that can be implemented, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 26, not only luxury travel along the cruise ship, as often seen in various tourism fairs, but by using a luxury private plane.

The travel agency issued the latest ideas, citing the site Travel and Leisure, the needs of tourists who want to find something new, DreamMaker and the World of Diamonds Group based in the United States, for example, offer tours for 50 people, to 20 places, for 20 days with Boeing 767 plane ride.

A journey that will inspire the passengers, DreamMaker offers travel package entitled “Passport to 50” starting in August 2017. An idea that came because they felt that 12 per cent of leisure time spent in the aircraft.

You can imagine a trip in the air, serving food at its best from the famous cooks, while in the sky, tourists will enjoy super luxury facilities, such as eating with utensils studded 18-carat diamond.

Package travel 'Passport to 50' will spoil the passengers, as presented in the following list of 20 holiday regions.

The locations of tourist areas, such as Koh Samui, Siem Reap, Kathmandu, Agra, Florence, Siena, Cannes, Moulinet, London, Barcelona, Ibiza, Marbella, Marrakech, Havana, Knoxville, Kona, El Nido, 'Island of Secrets', and Manila.

Anyone who is interested would need to prepare some administrative requirements for air passengers, such as a passport and personal identity. While other terms such as the availability of funds for each passenger about US $ 14 million.

Despite it. Traveling through the sky as well as a charity trip. Part of the sales packages will also be donated to various charities in the world, such as, Flight of the Dragons, Starlight Children's Organization, Whole Child International, and Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Singapore Airlines


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