The Americans Be Worried Trips to Mexico

The impact of the ban on travel to seven countries of Muslim majority by the President Trump

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Travel plans to Mexico can take place thus attract far conducted by United States citizens, always a lot of special things to do in the land of their neighbors, in addition to differences in cultural character, atmosphere and culinary peculiarities.

A policy pursued by a country can indeed have an impact diversified, profitable and can also work the other way in a broad sense.

This time it struck the Americans to the neighboring country, citing the article on the site CNN Indonesia, today, has done a lot of the cancellation of a tour to Mexico, and the cancellation is largely motivated by security reasons.

It is increasingly apparent after the survey, citing the Travel Weekly's website on Thursday, February 18, made to 166 travel agents who are members of the Association of Travel Agencies (MAST Travel Network).

It is increasingly clear from the survey that there were six per cent of the travel agency admitted that potential tourists do not cancel and rearrange travel plans for elsewhere.

While 52 percent of the travel agency admitted that prospective tourists do not want to travel to Mexico, and 49 percent of the travel agency admitted that potential travelers are not even willing to travel abroad.

As stated by John Werner, president of MAST, that some issues such as immigration, the separation wall and so forth.

"It makes a lot of potential tourists to think twice about visiting Mexico if they do not feel welcome."

He said that the prospective traveler should not have to feel like it, but in fact many who think so. He is believed to this date that Mexico remains one of the most popular tourist destinations.

"I feel that the tourist business will be greatly affected by the issue."

They will try to cope with this condition, one of the MAST do is to send a letter to legislators in the US about the political impact of the tourism industry to the country.

In fact, they requested that a travel agent can believe potential tourists to come to Mexico, using the theme of travel, "Why You Should Come to Mexico."

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel Weekly
Image: Marvin520 via Wikipedia


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