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Finding a partner based on the same pizza tastes

The Pizza of Venice, Italy - Image credit R Mailisa

Looking for pizza that good in a major city in the world is a reality that will be fun on a weekend like this, you can visit the area of ​​culinary, menus of Italy is ready to pamper your tongue and stomach, and pizza are served warm and was followed by appetizing pasta.

Enjoyed the shopping center crowds with people happy faces around you, believe me enjoy the unique culinary is an activity which would you prefer.

But. This time an article in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, February 11, wrote about a type of the outstanding pizza. When you can find a partner based on the the same pizza tastes to the tastes of a potential partner.

You can take a stroll in New York, and found the tavern "Pizza Express", citing the Metro site, where the store can help people who want to find a partner by means of 'match' them through a pizza.

You will love the service provided by the store, a service called Love Booth designed a romantic meal between two people ordering the pizza with the same flavor.

Imagine a situation, there are two people who do not know each other, but the same taste in their favorite pizza, party shop manager helps both people to get a room with dim light and romantic decorations such as balloons and table lamps marked with 'love' sign.

They can enjoy the same kind of pizza, the same tastes, and the next is a romantic promises have been waiting. You can start a chit-chat by discussing similarities pizza you ordered, sharing each other, and started talking seriously.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

An interesting idea of ​​the restaurant, an idea that comes just like that, because they assess the pizza pan can not only act as a friend to eat.

Who would have thought when the Italian cuisine can inspire a more romantic date.

Indeed, experience shows that having a partner who has different pizza tastes sometimes very annoying, and led to a quarrel between the couple.

Since uploaded to social media sites, overwhelming response from the netizens, this unique service gets a lot of positive response, especially from those who have not been paired.

This idea is guaranteed to be in accordance with the celebration of National Pizza Day, as well as welcome the Valentine's Day.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Metro
Image: R Mailisa


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