Are You Glad to Hear Travel Stories from Your Friends?

Often people hear travel stories of yours should feel annoyed and dislikes

Make a video while adventuring - Image credit N Ginting

Travel stories that you read or maybe you heard directly from your closest friends it feels so excited and interesting, even on the other hand the desire to do the same. However, not all the wishes or dreams can be realized.

The impact is counter-productive, because in many cases not everyone can carry the holidays, as the quote from the site CNN Indonesia, February 16, for example, maybe, they do not have sufficient funds or do not get the same vacation time length.

Problems like this make people hear tales of the journey, it becomes less fun with all your great stories.

A study published in the journal Psychological Science, as quoted from Travel and Leisure on Thursday, February 16th ago, that people who listen to the story experience of having other people at risk of feeling depressed, because it will compare it with the experience of having them, especially those who have never visited the place narrated tour.

They, the researchers used a method retell the story in a short video to people who have not watched it and have watched it.

You know then what happened? People who have watched the short video was more interested in listening than those who have not watched.

"Conditions are not happening because there is an element of envy, which has been the assumption." says a researcher.

People who have never had a similar experience to feel tired, having to listen at once to guess the real form of narrated situation.

"Listeners prefer to hear the experiences they had ever experienced. They are more understanding because no longer need to guess," as written in the journal.

It is true! When they are, the listeners will be more enthusiastic when they heard the experience of visiting grandparents than experience when traveling.

Should you prefer another way that friends do not go away from you, simply because the travel experienced tells. You can choose the best way to make people feel comforted and would like to try the same travel experienced.

"Listeners would rather hear stories that make them intrigued and add new insights. Of course, spoken slowly and in detail."

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: N Ginting - Japan


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