Special Menu Oysters, Awaken the Valentine Passion

Oyster is known as an aphrodisiac or sexual arousal plant foods

Oysters served on ice, with lemon and parsley - Image credit David

Valentine's Day is the most awaited day for anyone who wants to show compassion, especially for couples who are in love, and even for anyone, children to parents, close friends, colleagues and other offices.

Interesting reviews in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, today, the country known as the country of love, none other than the French, the country that has a long history associated with Valentine's.

France puts the special moments such as Valentine's Day as a special day for those who fall in love.

They treat Valentine's day on February 14 not only to matters of love, because a lot of sensual moments can happen, even this time they paid special attention to the affairs of the culinary.

Special in 2017, France offers a special menu in the form of oyster, which is known as an aphrodisiac, or food of passion.

But. This is not just any oyster, will be presented on February 14th, the heart-shaped oyster specials menu.

You immediately knew it was special, unusual shaped oysters that were the work of fishermen on the Mediterranean coast, citing the AFP site, where the last 10 years, the fishermen successfully develop oyster shaped like a heart.

Say a fisherman named Christophe Guinaut, called oyster hearts Valentine was originally a gift from his wife.

"One day, my wife gave the gift of a heart-shaped oysters. I was very touched."

He did want the day to be special, so be creative to develop heart-shaped oysters.

"Oysters are initially formed naturally, then I think to breed oysters with a similar form."

Then it happens, Guinaut worked hard in his pond, Guinart of Port-Leucate in the Languedoc, trying various ways to produce oysters according to the form he wants.

Until now, he still keeping the technique that has been found.

Definitely excited, because Guinaut capable of being the main distributor for the heart-shaped oysters exclusive restaurants in Europe continent, including the three-star Michelin restaurants, Can Roca, in Spain.

I thought worthy of giving appreciation to him for selling heart-shaped oysters with a standard price.

"It is all about romance. I want to think, they were ordered oysters that have a love that is the same as when I received a gift from my wife, ten years ago."

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: David via Wikipedia


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