Camera Phone to the British Immigration

Photo on the passport with smartphone cameras are permitted by the British Immigration

The tourist taking pictures - Image credit Hlna Nina

Smartphone camera quality at this time, the better the picture, you can determine the pixel size is often a reference quality, though need to consider other specifications, such as aperture, the size of the sensor, and others.

Development of smartphones could ultimately satisfy the user, so that the selfie fans get the odds on various occasions.

The positive thing is the flexible attitude of the immigration authorities in England, because it can accept the use of photos for a passport can be taken via a mobile phone.

Why can happen like this? Of course begs the question, but it is understandable.

Citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 31, reviewed the many people feel embarrassed about showing the photos on their passports. It can happen because for most people than those who feel embarrassed or stiff when photographed in a photo studio.

Well, the completeness of the smartphone's camera is able to answer the needs of the passport by way easier and less troublesome British tourists who want to make a passport.

Selfie photos for passport purposes can be done anywhere, as reported by the Telegraph on Monday, January 30, but the British Immigration still prohibit taking pictures with the selfie concept, especially with the use of selfie stick.

"The photos should not be taken with the concept selfie. Moreover, the photos taken by cell phone cameras still have to follow the official rules, as taken from a distance and a certain size."

I think this a fair way to be accepted by the British citizens who want to travel abroad for various purposes, both business and family trips.

They have the ease of the passport, in particular the purposes of making a photo, as previously Britons should take more time to make or renew a passport, one of them having to queue at the photo studio.

You know, on the other hand the ease of inviting new concerns will be more easily photo manipulation by irresponsible people.

In fact, this will be more sad, possible extinction of photo studio services, which have benefited.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph
Image: Hlna Nina


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