Most Annoying Passengers on Aircraft - 1

The behavior of airline passengers who are considered annoying

Passengers arrival - Image Credit N Kdk R Riyanti

Disruption of air passengers often happens in a lot of travel in the air, let's say a tourist who frequently travel by plane, citing the sites detikTravel, January 23, may be more than twice will meet with the type of passengers who are considered annoying.

A study from Expedia Airplane Etiquette Study describe the types of most annoying passenger on the plane, citing the sites CNN Travel, based on the survey of 1,005 Americans aged 18 years and over.

1. Passengers kicking the seat in front of him/her

Passenger as it occupies the first rank, you can imagine the passenger sitting in front of the kicker was, really was very disturbing.

Regardless, he/she kicked was engrossed listening to a song or a whim moving his/her legs, whatever the reason for kicking the seats are not accepted.

2. Parents who neglect their children

You'll feel irritated to see a small child on the plane too noisy, making noise and crying does not stop, especially when you're on the plane would be the opposite.

The parents of the child did not seem concerned, and should take care of it well. When children play around and running around in the cabin, guard and make a baby to sit still is not excessive.

3. Body Odor

I think you will be distracted by passengers who have body odor. Body odor is pungent and headache, make us always hold the nose.

Hassles in the plane is difficult to move or open a window. You will receive with annoyance, want to call it is also not in the mood.

4. Set the music is too loud

As passengers have in mind the comfort of other passengers, you should wear a headset while listening to the songs to get rid of boredom.

Set to music with just enough volume and not to make other passengers feel disturbed.

5. Drunk

There are few cases of drunken passengers occur, thus disturbing other passengers, even to the cabin crew strike.

Drunk could harm other passengers. Especially at the best moment to be an emergency landing, because of their extreme act drunk.

6. Too much talking

Actually, no one to meet, make new friends during the flight. Avoid excessive conversation.

If passengers continue to talk, you would not be comfortable. Maybe you want a break, but must serve the passenger.

7. The rush down

When a new aircraft landing and the seat belt sign was on, you may often see this type, he/she stood up and took his/her belongings.

I think with a little patience, while waiting for a sign of the flight attendants, no need to rush. You often see this kind of behavior can be followed by other passengers.

In the second part of this article, you can find other types of air passengers who may often frustrating. You even have experienced in air travel.

Continued to Part 2.

Source: A Farhan - detikTravel, CNN Travel
Image: N Kdk R Riyanti


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