City Parks in Philadelphia with a Glass of Beer

The concept of the show "Parks on Tap" held in Philadelphia

Coffee sellers in Central Park, New York, illustration - Image credit L Priyanti

Travelling abroad is becoming activity that attracts many people, especially when travel destination cities does have a tremendous attraction, unique and very different characteristics with other cities in the world.

Travelers will be dreaming of a trip to the main cities in the world, even unique cities that may seldom received the attention of tourists in the world.

But. There are other ways to travel, citing the site CNN Indonesia, February 22, without having to travel abroad, it is done by visiting a park or conservation centers located around this liveable city.

It seems to be the basis of an event, a good concept for the city residents in Philadelphia with an event on the theme Parks on Tap.

Parks on Tap, according to the site of Travelers Today on Wednesday, February 22, is a bar at the top of a car that operates during the summer around the Philadelphia area, residents of the city will come to visit the bar car.

It's an interesting idea!

When the bar car is opened, the car immediately stopped to serve visitors of the city park, the bar cars will visit about 20 city parks. In every garden, bar will operate for three to five days.

Well, you will enjoy the different services as though they were in a situation somewhere, Parks on Tap also providing meals, snacks, beer and wine. In addition to alcoholic drinks menu, there are also non-alcoholic menu.

The atmosphere is different of course, because it does not use tables and wooden benches, but they held a padded bench and a mat on the grass. You know the atmosphere is going to happen?

Events like this are believed to be able to attract the attention of the townspeople, not just young people, just believe, even families with children and pet dogs are also allowed to come.

The city administration immediately improve their city parks, to be ready when the car arrived at the bar visit one of the parks, let's say there's largest park, Fairmount Park, is definitely included in the list of visits.

They are the managers of the park, Fairmount Park welcomes the event of Parks on Tap, because it can make the citizens of Philadelphia increasingly recognizing its own region.

And, apparently during the event, "Parks on Tap" start operation in May, the townspeople immediately welcomed with joy. Certainly.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travelers Today
Image: L Priyanti - NY


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