Enjoy Chocolate Flavor in the Dark

Special ways to get more out of chocolate delights

Cella chocolate-covered cherrie, illustration - Image credit Evan-Amos

The charm of the atmosphere of the night is a kind of tranquility that ask you to pause for a moment, thinking about what had happened, make improvements, and reflect the best chances for tomorrow. I thought it was a quote from a wise man of a past, I just remember it for a moment.

It turned out that the atmosphere of the night also had an influence in other cases, say when you're want to eat chocolate, those who have enjoyed it, did say that there could be a special way to enjoy the delights of chocolate, alone in the dark and silent.

This quote was obtained from an article on the site CNN Indonesia, today, as conveyed by Jeremy Guioth, Business Development Manager Singapore - Indonesia Chocolaterie Valrhona in Jakarta, Friday, February 17th.

"Dark, alone and silently makes us more focused on the chocolate."

Night in the dark does give the impression to the human body sensors, Guioth said human sense of taste can be more focused enjoy chocolate, including flavors that are usually overlooked.

A feature of the nighttime atmosphere that invites a lot of sensation for humans, a kind of another form of self-protection, inviting impression of mystery that was never answered by a human sense of taste.

Guioth also explained the ritual eating chocolate that tasted better that really exert senses.

When you're in a certain atmosphere of the night, the chocolates were in hand, enjoy the first impression, looked at the chocolate to be eaten.

See the color, imagine what it was like when it was in the mouth.

Fun stages when you're alone with the chocolate, the seconds passed, bite the chocolate to cut into small parts so that the aroma burst.

The moment of sensation will be present for you, remember not too much to chew, let the pieces of the chocolate melts in the mouth.

Your face will be flushed when thousands of nerve sensation of sweet taste, feel the texture and aroma of the changes that occur when hot mouth to make the chocolate melts.

And this is the hubbub, "Finally, take a deep breath to feel the aroma of chocolate is eaten."

Relief in you, when the nights passed gracefully.

Source: Lesthia Kertopati - CNN Indonesia
Image: Evan-Amos via Wikipedia


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