Most Annoying Passengers on Aircraft - 2

Picture of the type of air passengers who annoying

Aircraft cabin - Image credit Garuda Indonesia

That sucks air passengers can take different modes of air flight, and the tourists are parties that are often met with the types of passengers based on interesting articles on the site detikTravel, January 23, describe in detail who they considered annoying.

Research through the survey to 1,005 Americans aged 18 and over, according to a survey from Expedia Airplane Etiquette Study in the article on a site CNN Travel.

8. Lower the back of the chair (too far) to the rear

The passenger is allowed to drop to the rear seat backrest, for example, for the convenience of the passengers slept. But, do not you lower the backrest too backward and disturbing passengers in the back seat of yours.

Lowering the chair back too backward to make other passengers so disturbed, especially during meal times, because the dining table in the rear seat.

9. 'Greedy' holding armrest

Seem a trivial issue, but it has been going on since a long time, the passenger is considered annoying, because the 'master' of all the armrest. Especially for those who sit in the middle and holding the two armrests.

Should know better and maintain decorum, do not continue to hold the armrest during flight. Give also a chance for another passenger next to you.

10. The smell sharp of the food

Food eaten actual by the passengers are fine, but when it carried a pungent odor, then it's very disturbing. Pungent smell of food can reduce the comfort of passengers in the vicinity.

When the food was served, then immediately spent. Do not wait for the smell of food spread to the cabin around you.

11. Clothes that are too open

True there is no rule about clothes while on an airplane, but this can be a problem for some of the other passengers.

They were dressed too casual, less comfortable to look at, especially when exposed skin easily produce body odor wafted by the passenger next to them.

12. Too intimate

No matter if there is a passenger wants to make out, but consider other passengers.

Too intimate may create nuisance for others, especially if there are small children passengers, thus becoming 'bad' show for them.

13. The back and forth to the toilet

Classic problem for the passengers who frequently urinate, because the problem arises for passengers sitting in the middle or near a window.

Consider before boarding the plane, then choose a seat near the aisle in a way to check-in faster. Another way with not much to drink before the flight and go to the toilet to completion before boarding the airplane.

14. The "singles" who are looking for their lover

No one expected it turned out they were singles also be annoying other passengers. Look at their actions in the air that so sucks, when looking for his/her soul mate while flying on a plane.

This has become a nuisance for the other passengers (especially those who are also single but is not interested in him/her). I think it is very good for maintaining passenger comfort of others, nor do you want to get her attention, patience for love, because it will come by itself.

Various types of passenger picture that may reduce the comfort of other passengers on the plane. Types of passengers is often found in a variety of air travel.

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Source: A Farhan - detikTravel, CNN Travel
Image: Garuda Indonesia


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