Vanuatu Need No Fast Food

Torba Province in Vanuatu, South Pacific Islands are no longer imported fast food

The french fries, illustration - image credit R Rumambi

Fast food is on the one hand may tempt a lot of fans, but there is also a different opinion, let's say for the sake of health, should not be consumed in excess.

When talking about fast food is always present the pros and cons, but not be too long dissolved in the debate, all for the sake of health, at the point it was time to stop.

This time in Torba Province in the Republic of Vanuatu, South Pacific Islands, as reviewed in CNN Indonesia site, February 15, they have such awareness, since issued a policy to no longer import fast food. Of course as mentioned above, that the consideration for the health of island communities is more important than anything else.

The government is considering the import policy for the health and socialized until the next two years, as quoted from the website of The Guardian, and hope that more people can make use of agricultural land and wealth of natural resources available in the area.

Father Luc Dini, a community leader who is also head of the local tourism board, said that the ban on foreign food imports aimed at improving the health and welfare of 10 thousand inhabitants of the island.

"At this time we've filter fast food from abroad," he said. "Very easy indeed boil noodles or rice, but the food was almost no nutritional value."

They did want to eliminate the need to import food, when it has so many local food grown organically on the island.

Luc Dini worthy of having that belief, he even called the province has abundant natural wealth for food such as fish, crabs, shellfish, taro, yams, and pineapple.

Reasonable policies so that health symptoms in a society that tends to decline as a result of fast food, such as candy, canned fish and biscuits.

"On the other provinces that have adopted western diets, the young girls look pretty but when the smile they have rotten teeth because of the sugar."

Do not want that happening on their island, and did not want to develop the diseases that come as a result of western-style fast food.

It was not long when the current government to enforce policy on resort islands and places of accommodation to cater for tourists with local and organic foods.

The province, Torba aims to be the first organic provinces in Vanuatu in 2020.

Except maybe, excluding the import ban for beverages containing alcohol.

Source: P Tripeni Juniman - CNN Indonesia, The Guardian
Image: R Rumambi


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