Restaurants for the 'Solitary'

The restaurant named "Take In" that is located in Helsinki

The cake menu, illustration - Image credit L Priyanti

Good food in the restaurant is best carried out with a friend or someone close, and becomes a pleasant moment for anyone, but the opposite situation can happen for a loner. Loner has a different perspective, they just want to come back to the crowd, such as shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants, or other crowded places in the public open space.

Wonder what they think, but they are very awkward with the gaze of many people around. However, on the other hand does not hurt, too, if someone wants to indulge themself alone in a restaurant.

Definitely something for them, citing the reviews on the site CNN Indonesia, January 27, the loner amounted to pretty much around us, and for businesses in the culinary field viewed from the marketing side, for example in Helsinki, Finland had attended a restaurant that could attended.

The restaurant is named "Take In", has been present for them, according to excerpts from the site of The Independent on Thursday, January 26, operating through inter-food applications Wolt company, with concepts such as the living room.

No guarantee of tranquility for guests, especially those of the loners, they can come to the restaurant, then order any menu of online order messages application now operating in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

When you are present in the restaurant, and the waiter will serve ordering drinks and serving food that had been ordered. How to eat in restaurants that are more flexible, much like the concept of ordering food from home.

But. You can feel a real difference when it comes to restaurants "Take In", at least they can feel the new atmosphere of the loner.

Director of Wolt in an interview, as quoted from Monocle, does want the atmosphere of a living room in this restaurant.

"We want this restaurant to be a living room in the city center."

New sensation for the loner, the restaurant also can be a solution for a group of visitors who usually do not agree with the menu presented.

They said, if there is a difference order pizza from a friend, while others want to eat pasta, easy. You simply open the application, make a reservation, and then be able to eat together.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, The Independent, Monocle
Image: L Priyanti


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