Hundreds of Stewardess Complained to Vladimir Putin

Airlines in Russia fired flight attendant who no longer looks pretty

A Stewardess do 'selfie' during breaks at the airport - Image credit Albee Chung @albee5433/IG

Beautiful stewardess at the airline are appropriately is seen commonly in many flights have you been through, even if not shy, always the desire to get acquainted with the faces of those who are lovely and friendly.

Well, what if an airline that seems less flexible, when one day with increasing working time, they originally started pretty frail and increasingly lethargic and less bright.

The airline started firing those who already do not look beautiful and shining again.

About 400 international airline flight attendants based in Russia, Aeroflot, grievances through a letter addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to excerpts of the site, CNN Indonesia, Sunday, February 26th, of course, is a sad story for the flight attendants.

It is appropriate they are upset, quoted from Travelers Today on Friday, February 24, as it comes to personal matters, inasmuch as they are called too old, fat and ugly.

Representatives of flight attendants, Yevgenia Magurina, said that the policy of the airline wants all international flight cabin crew must be young and slim.

Sadness at their beautiful faces, even though they are already not so young, they have many years of service to Aeroflot, so that they feel disappointed treated as such.

Discrimination in any form is making you feel uncomfortable, they also said that the airline stewardess treated like cash cows.

Magurina, in an interview in the Daily Mail said, "Aeroflot only provide uniform up to size 46, while my size 48. I then asked to no longer serve overseas flight."

As expected then, when this issue is open to the media, the management of the airline denied the allegations, and said that they had never discriminate, through an official statement, as quoted by The Sun.

"The accusation without proof. Aeroflot never discriminate in any form to the employee."

Even the management of the airlines added.

"Thousands of our flight attendants over the age of 40 years and is still working on a flight to North America, Europe, Japan and China."

Each heavy current should find calm water along the way, and fertilize the soil on the riverbank. Said a wise man one day long ago.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travelers Today, Daily Mail, The Sun
Image: Albee Chung of China Airlines


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