Chocolate Kimono that Bring Luck

Creations of chef and an artist from Japan who make chocolate with kimono design

Cella Chocolate with cherries, illustration - Image credit Evan-Amos

Chocolate in various forms can be a real treat for anyone, as a complement in a variety of pastries and processed in the unique culinary products attract more favored by the various ages.

A person can be so obsessed with chocolate culinary, citing the reviews on the site CNN Indonesia, January 25, about the time dedicated to creative with chocolate making with a special design which uses a pattern on a Japanese fashion.

The brown kimono patterned, citing the site RocketNews 24, named Chocolat de Kissho which means chocolate with Kissho patterns are often found in kimono.

That is done by a chéf, Tomoni Chiba with the help of a famous painter, Hiorya Yoshikawa, one of the fourth generation of Yuzen-style Kimono painters.

As an experienced chef, among others, by the direction of the famous French chef, chéf Alain Ducasse, even Chiba ever served as patissiere chéf at a five star hotel in Paris. In other words, you do not need to hesitate with his creation, Chocolat de Kissho.

Chiba very inspired by chocolate creations along with Yoshikawa, there exists a chocolate culinary creations with detailed design and beautiful kimono, and tailored to the tastes of flavors preferred by Japanese people.

The chocolate kimono packets in a box designed specifically with the price of 1,500 yen contains three pieces of chocolate as well as a complete package of eight pieces of chocolate kimono for 3,600 yen.

The presence of Chocolat de Kissho can enliven the various types of chocolate in the leading culinary shops, fans can try the flavors natural, white miso, green tea, cherry, framboise, kuro-shichimi (a mixture of seven herbs black), Japanese sake, and Yatsuhashi (candied origin of Kyoto containing sheets of thin round glutinous rice dough with sweet bean).

According to chéf Chiba, culinary creations is not just snacks, but the selection of kimono design Kissho also has its own meaning, the kimono is the symbol of good luck.

Such expectations of its creators, enjoy a delicious chocolate flavor, but also can bring good luck in life.

Source: P Tripeni Juniman - CNN Indonesia, RocketNews 24
Image: Evan-Amos via Wikipedia


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